Cinnamon Toast Crunchs Alleged Shrimp Tail Debacle

Cinnamon Toast Crunchs Alleged Shrimp Tail Debacle

Finally, he stated his spouse Danielle inspected another unopened bag of cereal and spotted what seems to be a chunk of dental floss inside. He also shared some shut-up pictures of items of cereal, a number of of which had strange black bits stuck to them. Concerned, Jensen determined to reinspect the bag of cereal and see if there was anything else inside.

“We assure you that there is no chance of cross-contamination with shrimp.” It appeared as if there were cinnamon-coated shrimp tails mixed in with the cereal. In response, Cinnamon Toast Crunch provided Jensen a brand new box and requested him to DM them with additional particulars. Podcaster Jensen Karp wants to “wash my mouth out with acid” after he allegedly discovered some black bits and shrimp tails in his bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. “Ummmm @CTCSquares — why are there shrimp tails in my cereal? ,” Karp tweeted Monday morning after eating a bowl of the cereal after which seeing a couple of sugar-coated things in the package deal that didn’t look like the cereal’s conventional rice-and-wheat squares.

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He tagged parent company General Mills, to which it replied that it might report the incident to the standard control team and send Karp a brand new box, one thing he finally wasn’t within the temper for. Karp also famous that neither he nor the cereal company knew how the contaminants got into the cereal bins, and that it could have happened on the Costco store the place he bought the cereal. Jensen Karp said he found shrimp tails inside a field of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, main General Mills, which owns the cereal brand, to launch an investigation into the matter. A Los Angeles man was shocked to dig right into a field of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and discover two cinnamon sugar-coated shrimp tails blended in together with his cereal. CTC’s denial — coupled with the nagging Twittersphere — drove Jensen to “further investigate” his household-sized cereal box.

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‘That black is rat droppings baked onto the squares. It seems like one thing received into a bag of dry combine and nested! So they need me to send them the shrimp tails for a “closer look.” These are obviously shrimp tails, so I will be preserving one as evidence, as I now really feel like Sandra Bullock in The Net,’ he wrote. Jensen seemed principally concerned when he first found the shrimp tails in his cereal, posting a photograph of them on Twitter.

It Appeared As Though There Were Cinnamon

General Mills, which makes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, replied with a suggestion to switch the field, but Karp suggested he was not psychologically prepared to eat extra of the cereal. It’s not the primary time that General Mills has had a go with allegations of shrimp-tainted meals. In 2011, the Golden Valley-based food manufacturer sued a Michigan blueberry packer over a cargo of blueberries that it mentioned was tainted with shrimp.

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